A business has only two funstions - marketing and innovation (Peter Drucker)

The digital age is synonymous with disruption, agile, breaking barriers and innovation.

Wired Consulting is helping  customers deal with the changes that encompass the current business environment.   Digital transformation questions ingrained ways of working and organisations must be agile and adaptive or they will be superseded with alternative providers who are.


In particular the digital business culture needs and fosters:


  • High-performance teams:
  • Change Readiness:
  • Customer centricity:
  • Environmental Insights



High performance teams

A move from functional silos to high performing cross-functional teams is fueled by collaboration, culture and clear communication flows.  Our consultants can train and coach individuals to become cohesive high performance teams using knowledge and skills adapted from sport and business utilizing Agile techniques including high performance plays e.g. Team Contracts, Pre-mortem, and Retrospectives.


Change Readiness

Accepting change is now a fact of business survival  and planning has to move as the market dictates.  An organization can only adapt to the new market conditions if the organization is open to change and eager to foster innovation.   Our tools and techniques will help you unfreeze your organization and create an environment that is open to challenge, forward looking and outcomes orientated.


Customer centricity

More than ever the customer defines the service that the product must deliver.  Digital innovation means hand-offs between functional silos are replaced by an analysis of the en-to-end customer journey and servuice experience.   If you aren't delivering an experience that the customer values then you will be told very clearly in real time with adverse net promoter scores  (NPS) or   We can help you re frame to put the customer at the center of your organization, drive out process inefficiencies and eliminate activities that don't add  value to the customer.


Environmental Insights

Analytical analysis has evolved so that weak signals can provide significant insight and predication of future events.   This insight can highlight major swings in customer preference or blockages on a major project.  Our staff are trained in the use the SENSEMAKER tool and can tailer this as required to your own specific needs.



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A business has only two funstions - marketing and innovation (Peter Drucker)